Business Security Threats

Every business has security threats. Cyber as well as physical. We’re going to go over a few business security solutions to help you to protect your business from all angles.


Cyber Business Security Threats

The most common cybersecurity threats to businesses are:

Your own employees

Knowingly or unknowingly, your employees can potentially put your business at risk. They can easily fall for phishing and malware if they’re not careful.

We recommend giving employees training on cybersecurity so they know what to look for. Also granting only the specific access to each employee that they will need to do their job. Lastly, enforcing a strict policy to keep employees from using business devices for personal use.


Ransomware is still the top variety of malicious software. This is a type of malware that your employees can unknowingly let into your business.

An effective way to help prevent malware is to use a virus/malware scanning software for email attachments. Also, use a data back-up system, for example, iCloud that will recover your lost data by reformatting the corrupt data back to the original format but be sure to do back-ups frequently to minimize loss.


Hacking can occur if you have uneven cybersecurity allowing hackers to gain access to the weakest layer and therefore be able to cause a breach in even the most secure part of your network.

You want to make sure your security solution is applied to your entire network and is strong and reliable.


Physical Business Security Threats

Physical Business Security threats are just as serious as cybersecurity threats to your business.

Again, your own employees

It’s very beneficial for businesses to be able to give different levels of access to different employees. For example, you don’t need your receptionist having access to the HR department. We recommend using a Security Access Control System that will allow you to keep track of exactly who is entering your business and which part (personal offices, departments, floors) at what time. By assigning specific codes to each employee, you will have a clear knowledge of who is gaining access, as well as be able to control which areas of the business they will be able to gain access to on their own.


Video cameras placed strategically outside and inside of your business are useful and convenient part of a business security system and work as a deterrent for burglars. But even if it doesn’t stop them, you will have solid evidence when pressing charges. Another precautionary tool to incorporate with your Business Security System is an Entry Alert System to notify you when the access control system was not used and access was gained alternatively (possible break-in).

If you are looking for physical security options for your business, whether it’s just an inquiry for cameras or you need everything, make sure to give us a call and we will provide you with a free quote.


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