Circle Security Systems, Inc. dba Circle Security Solutions was started in 1976 by Ira Ehrenkrantz, Ira has been in the security industry for over fifty years in South Florida.

Ira was originally with Dictograph Security in New Jersey, when he came to South Florida, he opened his first company called Reliable Security in Coral Gables. Soon after opening He was approached by The Marriott Hotel chain and wound up selling Reliable Security and started working in a corporate environment. It wasnt long until he realized the corporate lifestyle was not for him or what he wanted for his clients, he knew he could provide much better service and pricing for his customers being on his own!

We get asked about our logo all the time…

Our “Little Girl” logo comes from a picture of Ira’s daughter Staci at two years old holding her “Security Blanket” because… “Everybody Needs Security”.

This has been the symbol of Circle Security ever since.


Ira wanted to concentrate and focus on giving his clients better service, competitive prices, and higher quality products, so he left and went out on his own and started Circle Security Systems, Inc.
He founded the company on the basic principal “take care of the customer first and foremost”  and the customer is always right (even if their not).  The company has lived up to those principles and to this day our customers are like family, its been working well as we are celebrating our 40th year this year!
In 1986 Iras son Lee came to learn the business from the ground up, he worked in instalations, service, sales and now runs all day to day operations for the company.
We look forward to the next forty years of service to our community and we thank our existing and new customers for their continued and loyal support!

Circle Security Systems, Inc dba as Circle Security Solutions is fully licensed and insured (you would be surprised how many local companies are not), especially the so called TV Camera professionals who overnight became security experts, Buyer Beware! Not to mention the cable and phone companies that are now security experts!
Have you ever tried to get service from the cable company in a timely manner? Of course you have!
We are here for you, Call us today to see how we can help protect your family and business.
 We are Fully Licensed & Insured
 Our State License Number is: #EF0000848
 Since 1976