Decoding Fire Codes – Miami-Dade County

You’ve made sure that your building is up to code on the National- and State-level. In part 2 of our Fire Codes Decoded Series, we’re looking at ordinance 16-89 as it relates to fire prevention and safety in Miami-Dade County fire codes.

This ordinance repeals the existing chapter 14 of Miami-Dade County and creates a new chapter which adopts the current Florida Fire Prevention Code with the addition of local amendments.


Local Miami Fire Code Highlights

Ordinance 1-89 created a new chapter to the Miami-Dade fire code, replacing the existing Chapter 14 code. Here are the quick-hit highlights:

  • Chapter 14 provisions were reorganized so that local-level requirements and nationwide requirements are included in separate articles.
  • Supervision and authority was given to Miami-Dade County Fire Chief. Procedures and membership requirements of the fire prevention and safety appeals board were also amended.
  • Amendments to inspection procedures.
  • Updates and renumbering of fire prevention and safety provisions for ease of reference for residents and businesses.
  • Add provision for local government (including Miami-Dade County) to adopt stricter fire safety standards than those found in the Florida Fire Prevention code if review of local conditions demonstrates a need to strengthen minimum requirements.

Further amendments address articles and sections within the Florida Fire Prevention code including:

  • Sec. 14-60—to provide more stringent fire safety standards in Miami-Dade County.
  • Sec 14-61—to regulate proper installation, operation, maintenance, testing and supervision of fire alarm systems (with the exception of household fire alarm systems) within Miami-Dade County.
  • 14-62—regulate proper installation, operation, maintenance, testing and supervision of sprinkler systems, fire pumps, and other fire extinguishing systems in order to obtain compliance with Chapter 633 of the Florida Fire Prevention Code.
  • 14-63—establish standby services when, in the Chief Fire Official’s opinion, it’s an essential matter of safety to require a state-certified firefighter or inspector to be on duty at a public assembly whether due to the nature of the performance or number of people present at said assembly.
  • 14-64—require a permit to erect tents, membrane structures or air supported structures covering an area of 900 square feet or any size if used near hazardous processes, including cooking.
  • 14-66—additional jurisdiction for open burning including open fires, bonfires, and rubbish fires requiring constant supervision, permits in some situations, and ready access to water.
  • 14-67—require permits for fireworks, flame effects and pyrotechnic displays and that said permits are obtained at least 30 days prior to the event.

Additional changes and amendments to language within the code are always made with the strict intent of keeping members of the Miami-Dade County community safe.

Make Sure Your Building is Up to Miami Fire Code!

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