Home Security Cameras

Are you considering upgrading your system to include home security cameras? When choosing the most appropriate home surveillance system, homeowners must consider several factors including the size and layout of the home, number of entry points, vulnerable areas that need extra coverage, and budget. Once you have determined this information, you can move forward to choose the number and type of cameras you’ll need to provide optimal coverage for the lowest cost. Security cameras come in a variety of sizes and serve different purposes.

Camera Types


Large, visible indoor cameras with variable focal lenses


Ceiling cameras covered with tinted glass


Small, concealed cameras for indoor and outdoor use


Remote-controlled cameras with panoramic capabilities that can capture a wide-angle view


Once you have an idea what type(s) of home security cameras will work best for your particular home security needs, you can consider additional measures to improve functionality and enhance security.


Remote Access

Are you on the road a lot? Using a mobile security app, you can sync your video surveillance to your mobile device so you can view footage, control settings and have full control of your home security system in your pocket at all times.

Day/Night Capabilities

Especially worried about your night time security? Cameras equipped with night vision use infrared LEDs to provide clear images at night or in the dark.


When your cameras are exposed to weather conditions, choose cameras that are equipped to withstand Mother Nature’s unpredictable assaults.


Want to be able to tilt or zoom for multiple views? You can. Choose adjustable cameras with that capability.


Having a clear understanding of your family’s security needs will help you communicate your needs to your home security provider and thereby help them help you.

Need help assessing your video surveillance needs? No worries, the security experts at Circle Security Solutions have you covered. Contact us today and we can help you choose the perfect system or system upgrades to ensure your peace of mind.