Home Security During Hurricanes

As South Florida begins bracing for Hurricane Dorian’s landfall, many people are concerned about water, gas, generators, shelter, electricity and so much more. This is a time when people really want to feel secure. So what do hurricanes and other natural disasters mean for your home security system? How can your home security during hurricanes keep your family feeling safe, and what issues can be involved?

For South Florida residents and others who live in hurricane-prone areas, wireless service can be helpful by giving you remote access to your home if you’re forced to evacuate. Depending on the capabilities of your system, you might be able to arm/disarm your system and get a real-time video of your home. Unfortunately, Wi-Fi is often impacted during electrical storms and can be taken out by flooding and storm damage.

Whether you’re riding out the storm at home or forced to head to a safer area, it’s probably a good idea to deactivate your home security system during the storm’s active hours. It’s unlikely that thieves will be breaking into homes during 100 mph winds, but it is a time where your system might register false alerts. This will also save battery power so that you can reactivate it after the storm has passed if power has not been restored yet. Because after the storm is prime time for looters and criminal mischief-makers.

When doors or windows are broken, the wind can tear through your home destroying security cameras. However, if your cameras remain intact, remote viewing can give you a heads up how much damage your home has sustained. In many cases, you can contact your insurance company—if necessary—to begin the claims process before you ever return home. Additionally, it’s good to know what you’ll be returning to when you are allowed to go home.

It’s important to remember that during hurricanes and natural disasters, authorities will be spread thin resulting in longer response times. Additionally, matters of life and death, as well as public rioting and looting, will take priority over domestic break-ins so consider protecting your belongings as well as possible before you’re forced to leave your home.

Perhaps move televisions, computers and other valuables into a windowless room and lock the door. Any looters or opportunists looking to take advantage of a natural disaster situation will likely not take the time to search a whole house for valuables; instead, they’ll probably check the first room they enter and then move on. 

Although there’s no perfect solution when a hurricane strikes, a wireless security system with remote access cameras can give you some added peace of mind before, during and after the storm.