Safe Living for Seniors

Safe Living for Seniors

As we aspire to stay healthy, maintain active lifestyles and live longer, especially in Miami and Dade County, many seniors are staying in their own homes or condos rather than transitioning to retirement communities or assisted living facitilties. Safe living for Seniors is a top priortiy for many of us. The advent of the personal emergency response system also helps them maintain a safe independent life. And while having assistance literally at their fingertips definitely makes living alone more secure, there are additional precautions seniors should take to make their homes safe and secure.


  • Avoid burns by setting the temperature of water heater to 120 degrees.
  • Store food in cabinets that minimize bending and reaching
  • Keep heavy objects at waist level
  • Use an electric teakettle with an automatic shut-off
  • Have an accessible fire extinguisher
  • Avoid cooking in loose clothing that could catch fire


  • Raise seats to make getting up and down from the toilet easier
  • Use a night light
  • Install a shower seat and grab bar next to the shower and toilet
  • Add non-slip strips or bath mat to shower or floor
  • Make sure locks can be opened from the outside in case of emergency
  • Use rubber backed bath mat to avoid slipping


  • Carpeting provides better traction than wood floors or tile
  • Remove throw rugs, footstools and other tripping hazards
  • Replace door knobs with lever handles
  • Install hand railings throughout the home but especially near stairs
  • Keep canes and walkers—if used—within reach
  • Have accessible flash lights in each room

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