Safest Cities In the Sunshine State

Safest Cities In the Sunshine State

Florida is known for beautiful white sandy beaches, relaxing vacation destinations, Walt Disney World, sizzling spring break spots, and much more, making it the world’s number one vacation spot. Despite Irma’s recent assault, “The Sunshine State” will continue to delight its almost 90 million visitors per year with an average of 128 clear sunny days per year. Despite the sun and fun, as the 4th most populous state in the union, crime and safety is an issue our state must consider.

According to the National Council for Home Safety and Security, Florida boasts 6.25% of the US population and a crime rate of 4.95/1000 people which is 19% above the US average for property crime.

Additionally, based on population data, internal research and recent FBI crime report statistics, a survey found the following cities in Florida to be the safest places to live in the state in 2017:

  1. Parkland: Population: 29,242; 7 violent crimes 186 property crimes.
  2. Weston: Population: 70,022; 26 violent crimes 435 property crimes.
  3. Marco Island: Population: 17,719; 12 violent crimes 136 property crimes.
  4. Bay Harbor Islands: Population: 6100; 3 violent crimes 63 property crimes.
  5. Valparaiso: Population: 5320; 7 violent crimes 48 property crimes.

While studies show Florida has seen a steady reduction in home invasions and consistent decrease in violent crimes overall for the past several years, it’s always better to take precaution to keep yourself, your family, your property and your belongings safe. Many methods have proven to keep potential burglars moving along, such as deadbolt locks, barking dogs, motion lights, and strong doors. However, monitored home security systems remain the NUMBER ONE DETERRENT for burglars.

So whether you live in one of the safest cities in Florida or not, it’s always better to be confident and secure rather than sorry. Circle Security Solutions provides the best alarm and security systems for the best value in south Florida. Call 305-667-0444 today for a quote or email us and take the next step in keeping your family safe and secure!