The Lesser Known Benefits of a Home Security System

A home security system just makes sense. After all, according to the Justice Department, there are over 1 million home burglaries per year. Studies show that potential burglaries are reduced by as much as 60 percent, merely by having a home security system.

But there are more reasons than preventing home invasions for having a home security system. Here are some of the lesser-known benefits of home security systems:

#1. Preventing fires

According to the National Fire Protection Association, on average there are about 350,000 home fires per year in either apartments or homes. The average damage overall is about $45,000 per fire. Meanwhile, although home burglaries happen three times as often, the average take from a home brake-in is a measly $2,800. And as far as deaths, while perhaps as many as 100 to as few as 50 deaths per year are caused by home invasions, something akin to 2,600 people die and 11,000 people are injured from house fires each year.

In addition, another 400 or so people a year die from carbon monoxide poisoning, and nearly 50,000 people a year go to the hospital for symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning. Limiting fires and incidences of carbon monoxide poisoning are thus not only the lesser-known benefits of having a security alarm Miami but probably the most beneficial.

#2. Keeping people inside the house

Naturally, people think of home security systems as methods to keep burglars and criminals out. And they do. But the right alarm system also keeps people inside. Why would you want to keep people inside? No, you are not some kind of sadistic parent or caretaker. But rather due to their safety needs. Alone, there are 5.6 million Alzheimer sufferers in the U.S. and far from popular conception, not all of them are in senior homes stashed away someplace. Literally millions of Alzheimer patients live with their younger sons and daughters, and many have a pretty decent life with a lot of loving care.

However, according to the Alzheimer’s Org, about 6 out of every patient with dementia are considered wanderers. They will leave the house without a moment’s notice and be “missing” within seconds. Wandering with confused adults is so common there are even wandering support services. However, the best defense is a good offense and a home security system can be part of that offense. You will be notified the minute the front or back door is opened. It only takes a few minutes for a wandering adult with dementia to get into real trouble. Some will even jump into your car and take off. So being altered when the door opens and you as a caregiver are taking a shower for example, is essential.

Another example of people you may want to keep into the house are young children and toddlers. They can be more clever and devious than you think. Just recently for example, a 5-year-old in Ogden, Utah took $3 from his piggy bank, stole the keys to the family SUV, hopped on the freeway and was determined to go to California to buy a Lamborghini before being stopped 3 miles down the road by a member of Utah Law Enforcement.
The incident happened because the parents were at work, and his 16-year-old sister who was babysitting decided to take a nap. It most likely would have never happened at all if the family had a security alarm Miami.

#3. Portability for traveling

It may seem strange at first to talk about home security systems and traveling, but they can be related in a couple of different ways. First, many home alarm systems offer you a recorded or live view of your house from your smartphone. You can check that the lights are out, the door is locked, there are no break-ins, and the gas is shut off. Secondly, if you have someone checking in on your house, you can unlock the door for them automatically. Just have them call you, then hop on your app and unlock the door, and relock it when they leave. No longer do you need to leave spare keys for people in your flower garden or sprinkler head.

Finally, many of the smaller security alarm Miami systems are no larger than a smoke detector. Purchase a spare and set it up in your hotel room or Air BnB. You’ll be protected from burglars attempting to break in, and you can also keep and eye on the room when you go out to dinner or meet clients for a business meeting.

#4 Keep track of older kids

Anyone who’s watched the film Risky Business about Tom Cruise as a high school senior who turns his parent’s house into a bordello while they were gone on vacation knows what trouble older kids can get into. From having a kegger or even playing with guns, older kids can get into a lot of trouble when they are unsupervised. With your security alarm Miami, you can keep track of what your kids are doing both when you are at work, or when traveling for business or pleasure.

#5 Package security

If you order a great deal from Amazon you may know how spotty the actual delivery service can be. We once found a package full of computer parts literally thrown upon our balcony by the FedEx man. Worse, you probably know that there is a ton of package theft going on. According to CNBC, the average Amazon Prime member gets around 51 packages a year, and one in three reports having at least one package stolen.

Meanwhile the New York Times, in an article, indicates 90,000 packages disappear a day in the New York City Area. And why not? Studies show less than 10 percent of all package thieves are caught. A good home security system that has a camera installed at your doorstep can considerably reduce the chance of your packages being stolen. And as for those delivery men and women who like to treat packages like the opening of an Ace Ventura movie, “kicking them downtown,” send a copy of your video to the delivery company. For the best security alarm Miami coverage, contact the experts at Circle Security today.