Signs it’s Time for a New Security Alarm

At its core, a security alarm is meant to protect your loved ones and your possessions by being a deterrent from those looking to harm said family and the theft or destruction of said property. Depending on which neighborhood that you live in, a security alarm may become a necessity, but there are those of you that are on the fence or think that they don’t need it because their neighborhood is safe enough. Well, while you might be thinking this fact in general terms, the other stats are actually staggering, so let me share those with you.

FBI data states that a burglary happens every 27 seconds or so and usually happens during the middle of most days and in the summer months. Moreover, renters are more burglarized than homeowners, and rural states see more of these burglaries than huge metropolitan states. According to a recent survey, burglaries are the most feared among property crimes, with over 60% of respondents saying that their biggest fear was for someone breaking in when they are not at home and 58% saying that they feared someone breaking in while they were asleep.

So what are the typical signs that it’s time for a new security alarm?

1. If you have been robbed or burglarized recently

If God Forbid you have been robbed recently, then it is the perfect time to think of a new security alarm system because this means that your current system inevitably failed you. While this might be the worst of times and you are probably overwhelmed by the experience, you might not be thinking about it, but it is the best time to secure your home again.

2. Before you are burglarized

For many people, they do not expect to be robbed, and many more believe that burglaries happen to other people and not them. So they will put off getting a new security alarm until the worst happens. Truth be told however, don’t be fooled because it can happen to any of us at any time, so please be proactive and get yourself secure before the worst happens.

3. When moving to a new property

For most of us, when we move to a new area, especially when we are renting a new apartment in an area that we don’t know very well, it would be prudent to get a new security alarm. At the very least, please try to make sure that the new landlord has changed the locks and secured all the entries and exits into both your apartment and the building at large.

4. When Getting Renters Insurance

As a renter or homeowner, for that matter, it is always prudent to get renters or homeowners insurance, and that policy should cover loss of property through theft or burglary. This is probably the perfect time to get a new security alarm because some of these insurance policies may insist on it. Similarly, if they do not, this is still the best time to think about upgrading your system if you believe that your current system is lacking or has some form of vulnerability.

5. If a neighbor has been burglarized recently

If you have been procrastinating about upgrading your security system, then a burglary of your neighbor or in the area could be the best sign that you need to look into your own security situation and to upgrade it if necessary. Usually, if the criminals are hitting the neighborhood, then it will just be a matter of time before they attempt to get into your house.

6. If the property values in the area are dropping

Property values drop for several economic reasons, but crime rates in the area could be a significant indicator of why they might slip. If you are a homeowner or even renter and you find out that the property values in the area are dropping, then typically you should relocate. Still, if this is not possible, then it would the best time to upgrade your security system.

7. When you purchase something new and expensive

An oversized purchase item like a vehicle or furniture can be the best time to think about adding or upgrading your security system because, obviously, you have to protect the new items that you have just bought.
There is no worse feeling like getting your new shiny toy being stolen a few days or weeks after you buy it. If that’s not a reason to secure it, then nothing is.

8. When going on a trip

If you are going on a trip away from home for an extended amount of time and you do not have a house sitter, then it would be beneficial if you upgrade your security system just to be safe. Use common sense. For example, don’t post on social media that you will be away for a long time. 
In a recent survey, 60% of burglary victims reported that they were active on social media when they were away from home. In today’s world, where social media has dominated our lives, and we love to share everything online, it might be prudent to share the pics and information after the vacation.

9. When bringing home the new baby

Children are precious to new parents, and if you have been putting off getting a security system for your home, then this would be the best time to do it. When you are childproofing the house, then it would be a prudent thing to secure the home as well ultimately.

10. If you are considering your home as a BnB

The BnB business model has been a godsend for some people who require the extra income but allowing strangers in your home comes with its own inherent risks. If you are considering entering the BnB business, then it is undoubtedly a sign that you need to upgrade your security system. This could actually be the perfect time to get security cameras in and out of your property, especially if you plan to live in the same house that you are renting. Contact your security alarm Miami specialists today to learn more about how to protect your home.