Summer Security

Summer goes hand-in-hand with warm breezes blowing through open windows and doors and family vacations. Unfortunately, there’s a downside that can go unnoticed until it happens to you. Homes are at a greater risk of burglary during the summer than other times of the year. Why is that? Just a few reasons include: People spend more time traveling and heading to the beach. Kids are out of school and can be lax about locking doors and windows. Don’t let your home be susceptible to unwanted advances this summer. Follow our Summer Security tips to keep your property and family safe.

5 Summer Security Tips

Never Open the Door to Strangers

You’ll likely tell your children this if they’re going to be home alone, but this is a good rule of thumb for you to follow as well. Burglars often pose as salespeople—even as security system salespeople—to gain access to homes and information about homeowners.

Consider Your Home from a Criminal Perspective

While most people don’t look at a home and try to figure out how to break into it, that’s exactly what you should do with yours. Is there a ladder left out that a potential thief could use to gain access? Overgrown shrubs near a window providing a handy hiding place? What about a tree that an intruder could climb to get onto your roof and slip in through an open bedroom window?

Shine a Light on It

The last thing burglars want is to be seen so exterior lights are a great deterrent. Many alarm systems give you the ability to control and schedule your lights remotely. This way you can make your home appear occupied even when you are gone.

Hide Your Key…Better

Most of us think we’re being pretty creative when concealing a spare key, but chances are if you ask your friends to guess they could pretty quickly find your hiding spot. Try a new spot. Also, never put any identifying information such as your address or phone number on a spare key that’s hidden outside.

Cancel your mail and newspaper when you’ll be away

and ask a friend or neighbor to pick up any deliveries that arrive. Also, prepay your lawn service or ask a friend to mow your lawn so your house doesn’t look unattended. And while we all understand wanting to share cute vacation pics of your kiddos, wait to post on social media after you’ve returned home. Most of us think we know and trust all of our social media friends, but it’s better to be safe than sorry.