The 5 Benefits of Having a Security System in Your Home

Having a security system installed in a home can cost a lot of money; however, not having one installed could end up being a lot worse. Because of the many dangers that exist in homeownership, we’ve listed the top five benefits of having a burglar alarm in your home.

Preventing and Protecting Your Home from Home Invaders

The main purpose of having a home security system is to both prevent a home invasion and protect a home from a break-in. It is a fact that if a home has no sort of home security installed; it is at a higher risk of becoming a target. This also suggests that just by seeing a home security keypad could be enough where a break-in can be deterred. Sometimes, a burglar could still make a home their target whether they know that a home has an alarm or not. If this occurs and the home is occupied, all parties will be caught off guard by it. But with a security system, a family member can easily press the panic button on the keypad to have police dispatched. When a security system is made available, it could play a major role in keeping the family alive and safe. However, if the burglar is aware of the home being occupied then most times they will have ulterior motives for the home invasion. If this is the case then quickly activating the panic button and escaping the home will be the smartest thing to do as you await the police.

Early Warning Fire Protection

A lot of homeowners don’t realize that they can get a lot of benefit out of a home security system instead of just a normal smoke detector. The reason why is due to their added level of protection for the entire home and its occupants. This is also why they can act as an early warning in case of a fire. 

When a home is monitored, besides being notified that smoke is in the home, the family will also be notified that there are heat sources present and will immediately call the fire department. The last thing that you want to do is take a chance and try to fight any fire that may be present, on your own. This is why it is also advisable to have heat sensors included with the home security.

The United States Fire Administration has made it clear that just a tiny flame only needs 30 seconds in order to become a raging inferno. The home will be filled with smoke and dangerous CO gas. These two points emphasize the importance of having a security system, so that the fire department can be signaled to any house that may be consumed by fire. Having enough time to escape during a fire is paramount for survival as well as being a huge factor when it comes to preventing a fire from spreading.

Protect Your Home Occupants from an Odorless Killer

Having a home security system installed normally includes carbon monoxide (CO) monitoring and can be a valuable addition for the home occupants. With CO poisoning, the cause is always due to the odorless gas that is produced from the fumes of combustibles. When it occurs inside a home, it is usually due to a faulty gas appliance or some other gas source being left open. When a home has a security alarm, the homeowner can also include a carbon monoxide detector with it. This detector is very similar to a smoke detector and can also be placed anywhere within your home. The main benefit of a CO detector as part of a home security system is to be able to reach authorities in the event of an unknown gas leak so that paramedics can be dispatched to treat and transport CO poisoning victims.

Provides the Feeling of Safety

  • Having a security system installed instantly gives the feeling of safety for many families as well as knowing that their entire home is fully protected from unauthorized persons.
  • Having a home security alarm can also become invaluable for many individuals who are handicapped or the elderly. With elderly persons, it can be a lifesaver for the times where they won’t be able to evacuate fast enough, so having a home security system will be able to send help if assistance is needed. If an individual is handicapped and trapped in the home, having a security alarm company can monitor any activity while authorities respond to the home.
  • If that’s not enough, many burglar alarm companies provide the elderly or handicapped with individual medical pendants that can be activated by pressing their buttons during an emergency.
  • Lastly, a burglar alarm can come in handy if family members are constantly left alone at home. Not only can they provide peace of mind but they can also create a higher sense of safety.

Protection of all Valuables

When we collect items throughout life, we can easily grow attached to them causing us to create sentimental value for those items. No matter how big or small the item is, they can easily show others what our interests are and what we’ve accomplished. However, if a burglar were to break in, they won’t be thinking about any of that. Their only goal will be thinking of how much they can get for the items. There are close to three million home invasions occurring on a yearly basis and out of these, it is estimated that the total cost is over $3 billion where the average amount for a burglary is over $1,500.

For a homeowner, having an alarm in their home gives them enough piece-of-mind knowing that any burglar will be deterred. However, if a burglar is still confident to burglarize with an alarm in place, there are other uses that are involved. Besides having authorities dispatched, the security cameras will be able to record the crime as it happens. With this visual evidence your chances of catching the perpetrators will increase. Having security cameras will also help in creating a list of valuables taken