Why Your Business Needs Surveillance Cameras

As a business owner, the safety and security of your building, inventory, employees, and customers are all your responsibility. Knowing that, the single best way to insure the overall safety and security of your property—and everything and everyone within it—is by installing a video surveillance system. 

Many think that the point of security cameras is simply to detect and prevent shoplifting, and that alone is a great reason. However, there are many benefits beyond that for installing Business Surveillance Cameras Systems.


Here are just a few reasons why ALL businesses should invest in quality business security camera systems:


Increase Employee Accountability and Productivity: Employee theft accounts for 42% of inventory shrinkage in retail settings. Surveillance not only makes sure your employees are honest and productive, video can also identify areas for improvement in processes.

Save On Insurance Premiums and Claims: Many insurance companies offer reduced liability insurance rates to businesses that have security cameras installed. Contact your insurance provider to see if you qualify. Additionally, security surveillance video can prevent false or fraudulent liability claims. 

Improve Customer Experiences: When customers see the presence of cameras, they know they are in a place that values safety and security. Also, business managers can study footage to learn more about customers’ habits. This knowledge allows you to improve product placement and optimize store traffic patterns to improve customer experience and increase sales.

Prevent Workplace Harassment and Violence: Employees are less likely to engage in inappropriate behavior, harassment, or violence, when everyone knows their actions are being monitored and recorded. Additionally, if an employee claims to have been subjected to harassment or inappropriate behavior, video evidence makes it easier to investigate and resolve claims.

Save Money Over Security Officers: Video surveillance is more cost-effective than hiring security officers to stand watch over corners, entrances, exits and more. Most cameras also have excellent night vision allowing for peace of mind around the clock.

Ready to take the next step in security? To celebrate the 40th anniversary of serving Miami’s security & alarm system needs, Circle Security is passing the savings along to you.

Hi Resolution Business Surveillance Cameras System

(1) Four Camera AHD 1080P 2.4 MP Digital Video Recorder 1TB
(4) 1080P  HD Cameras: 2.4 MP IR Dome/Bullet Camera 3.65 mm Lens
(1) Four Camera CCTV Power Supply
Smart Phone App for Remote Operation
System & Network* Configuration
Window Stickers and Yard Sign
Complete Installation-One Day Labor

Prices Start at $1,000.00 Installed and Configured*