The Most Important Security Feature for a South Florida Home

Home security is something to stay concerned about. Have you ever thought of what goes on in your home when you are not around? Gone are the days when security issues used to be left in the hands of security personnel and long perimeter fences. With the advancement in technology, security has now become more complex and hi-tech. Clearly, the industry has come a long way over the past years.

1. Floodlight Camera


Floodlight is a motion-activated security camera with a unique feature that enables you to see and communicate to visitors from your computer, tablet, or phone. Its infrared night vision with 1080HD video mode lets you record and live-stream whatever is happening in your house in crisp clarity, even in the night. You can choose to customize a specific area of your home or compound you would like to monitor. As soon as an event is identified, the footage is recorded, and an instant alarm is sent to your gadget right away. The camera also features a loud 100dB alarm system that goes off when any motion is detected to scare away unwanted visitors. It is smart enough to detect faces and objects and work with other cameras in your home. Floodlight cameras are easy to install in any home, and integrates with a variety of smart technologies. Hiring security alarm Miami experts Circle Security will ensure you have the best floodlight camera.


2. Video Doorbells


Video doorbells are a must-have security feature if you live in South Florida. The right video door bells give you knowledge and control of what is going on outside your doorstep regardless of whether you are at home or not. With motion sensor technology, these doorbells send alerts direct to your gadget when someone is at the door. The best part is that you can download and save the video to re-watch it later. This feature is perfect for when you leave the kids by themselves at home or when you need to give instructions to delivery people when you are not at your house.


Video doorbells also have a feature that enables you to turn off the chime and get notifications on your gadget instead when someone knocks at the door. It is quite useful when you have a baby, and you don’t want them to be woken up while taking a nap.


3. Door and Window Sensor


Door and window sensors protect your home from possible intruders by detecting and reporting whenever doors and windows are opened or closed. The wireless security system features a temperature measuring function that records all temperature changes in a room. It also has an automatic lighting functionality that lets you adjust your house’s lighting without you physically being there. You can stay peaceful wherever you are, thanks to its battery-operated sensors that send alerts to your phone whenever there is a break-in at your house. The experts at security alarm Miami Circle Security can ensure our doors and windows are safe.


4. Flood Sensors


Robbers and stalkers are not the only things that pose a threat to your home security. Floods are equally disastrous, given the fact that it can destroy everything in the house within a short time. It is, therefore, essential to stay prepared primarily during the rainy season. Flood sensors are not particularly installed to warn against floods from the rain. Flooding can also occur due to leakage in the kitchen, bathroom, or basements. The sensor sends an alert to your smartphone and an AMP smart panel, enabling you to act swiftly before the situation gets worse. This saves you thousands of money that you could have used for recovery and renovations.


5. Asset Safe


No matter how much your home security system is beefed up, someone somehow will be able to outsmart it. For a security system to be complete there has to be an asset safe. You must keep all your documents and valuables locked away in case of a break-in. The assets safe is linked to an AMP smart panel that sends you a signal to your phone or PC whenever someone tries to access it. You can also lock away items like guns and dangerous chemicals that could be disastrous when they land in wrong hands. Circle security, your security alarm Miami can help you best protect your assets.


6. Smart Locks


If you have a habit of always misplacing your keys, then it’s probably time to go keyless. With smart door locks, you can check whether you locked all your doors regardless of where you are. We all know how quite hard it is to shake off that uneasy feeling one gets when they are not sure if they secured all their doors or not. Smart door locks are the best thing because you can unlock the door while you are away from home to let in a service provider or a friend. Whenever there is a security bridge, an alarm is immediately sent to your linked device, enabling you to act promptly. You can also configure your smart door lock with a voice command to allow you to unlock and lock your doors with much ease.


7. Glass Break Sensor


A glass break sensor acts as a complement to the door and window sensors. Intruders might try to bypass other sensors by breaking the window or glass door to gain access into the house. Glass sensors function by monitoring sounds and vibrations associated with the shattering of glass.
For maximum security coverage, sensors are best mounted on windows that are more likely to be broken by intruders. Door slamming could, however, send out false alarms because its vibrations mimic those of breaking glass. To avoid the possibility of a false alarm, you can opt for a reliant acoustic sensor with a microphone that listens for specific glass breaking frequencies. It is also essential to place the glass break sensor where other shattering sounds are less likely to occur, like in the kitchen or near the television, to avoid constant unnecessary false triggers. Regardless of what mode your sensor is in (stay or away), you are guaranteed 24 hours of security. Contact Circle Security Solutions today to ensure your South Florida home is protected. Having a security alarm Miami is essential to your home safety.