How to Protect Your Home When Traveling for the Holidays

Traveling for the holidays can be enjoyable for you and your entirely family. Unfortunately, the holiday season is when your home is the most vulnerable for a variety of reasons. Packages could be stolen off of your porch. Your home could be broken into. People might wait to see if you’re not home for the holidays and vandalize your home. None of these are things you want to happen to you while you’re away. There are ways to protect your home while you travel for the holidays to make it as safe as it possibly can be. Use these tips to protect your home when traveling for the holidays.

Tell a neighbor

Telling a neighbor you trust that you’re leaving for the holidays is a great way to ensure that someone is watching over your property while you’re away. This way, your neighbor could come over during the day and secure any packages or valuable pieces of mail you might receive while you’re away. Also, a neighbor you trust will be able to keep an eye on anyone who might be creeping around outside of your home or looks suspicious. It’s important to ask a neighbor that you trust to watch your home because if you don’t trust them, the neighbor you tell could be the person who tries to break into your home or tips off someone else that you’re not home. If you don’t have a neighbor that you trust, ask a family member to come by a couple times a week and check on your house. It doesn’t have to be a big commitment for your family member. They just need to collect your mail and make sure nothing looks suspicious with you home while you’re away.

Install a smart alarm

Installing a smart alarm into your home are one of the most popular methods of protecting a home in today’s society. Your smart alarm will have the ability to use your home’s Wi-Fi to access the internet and mobile devices. A smart alarm system can hook into your cellphone and provide you updates using sensors on the doors and windows of your home. The smart alarm will notify you if your sensors are tripped on the windows and doors of the home. You’ll be notified directly on your cellphone if the smart alarm system is tripped and it senses an intruder in your home.One of the best parts about having a smart alarm system is that it’s cheaper than traditional alarm systems. A traditional alarm system typically requires another company to install it and monitor it for you. These are extra fee’s that you can avoid by having a smart alarm system that you set up and monitor yourself. As a homeowner, you’ll be more involved in the security of your home while you’re away instead of leaving it up to somebody else or a company. There might be times that a family member comes over and you’ll get notified on the security system compared to a company who is monitoring your home and having them call the police on your family.

Hire a house sitter

Hiring a house sitter to watch your your home is a great way to make sure someone you trust is taking care of your home. It sounds pricey, but expenses can be reduced by hiring a younger person who you trust not to throw a party in your home. This could be a nephew or family friend that you’re comfortable having inside of your home. If you don’t know anyone that you could hire to house sit, you could always hire someone that you don’t know to house sit. This would be a professional house sitter that would sign a contract with you and be paid by the day. House sitters can be found using the internet or by using review websites. Make sure you hire a house sitter with a reputable history so you know that they have a good past of taking care of people’s homes. Also, make sure you meet the house sitter before they actually house sit for you. This way, you can get a good idea of who they are before you let them inside of your home while you’re away. If you don’t like who they are as a character, you can always hire someone else or take a different option in protecting your home. If a friend or family member has used a house sitter before and they enjoyed it, you can always reach out to them to try and use the same house sitter.

Install cameras

Security cameras have always been a way that people use to secure their homes while they’re away. Not only do they record an area of your home, but they also act as a visual repellent to intruders. When intruders see a security camera, usually they decide to leave a residence before messing with it. A great way to use cameras to your advantage when protecting your home is by having your cameras link up to the Wi-Fi in your home and then into your phone. This way, you’ll have access to a live feed of cameras that you can view at anytime of the day.Cameras in your home are a great pairing with something else like letting your neighbor know or using a house sitter. This way, you can monitor how your house sitter is moving through your home or if you get an alert and want to see what is going on. Cameras are great ways of viewing your actual property without being there and with today’s technology, this can be easily done with your cellphone. It’s best to install cameras in the most active areas of your home. You should install one that monitors your front door, your back door and any rooms on the inside of your home that can easily be accessed from the outside. If you have the financial capital then it would be smart to install as many cameras as possible so you have the best angles of your home possible. Contact the security alarm Miami experts at Circle Security to help protect your home.