Why Surveillance Systems Are Key to Safeguarding Your Business

As individuals, we recognize that our existence is finite. Therefore, it is only natural to cling to the ideals, people and items that we have imbued with a sense of value. We often work to safeguard all that is precious to us. Whether it be our health or our wealth, the importance of establishing the necessary procedures and precautions to protect these interests becomes paramount. This reality may be especially haunting for business owners whose livelihoods are often directly tied to the success of their businesses.

With the approaching holiday season, we are bound to see an emergence of robbery and personal larceny, acts that seem to increase with frequency annually. With such knowledge, your obligation for fulfilling the need for effective security measures should be receiving much attention. The use of a security alarm or the enlistment of active guardsmen may be popular methods of deterrence but it is all relative to the size and business model of your company.

Depending on the nature of your business, some methods may be more practical and efficient than others. However, there is no disputing the versatility employed in securing your business with the use of a surveillance system. The countless benefits offered by this security often goes unnoticed and underestimated for the latent value that it affords. With the integration of a security alarm into the surveillance system, this will also serve to hedge the business against various mishaps and discourage delinquent action in many forms:

Deterring Shoplifting and Burglary

Perhaps the most readily apparent reason to install surveillance throughout your business place would be to lower the likelihood of a crime or break-in significantly, within the range of vision provided by the camera array set up around the facility. Many studies indicate that a business is four times as likely to be targeted for burglary than a home. Ensure to discourage any would-be burglars or shoplifters from not feeling observed. Additionally, it is made abundantly clear that most burglaries performed occur through forcible entry. While burglaries can be a crime of opportunity, which many tend to classify it as, over 60% of these crimes have been showcased as instances of premeditation. Furthermore, it is known to be a common practice for shoplifters to target specific stores or businesses. This may be attributed to them possessing knowledge of weaknesses within the establishment that they have previously identified and know how to exploit.

Consequently, this has also resulted in a trend of repeat offenders to similar retail outlets. With this in mind, the implementation of this type of security alarm should function as a critical line of defense when tackling issues of this nature, when the cameras pick up on this manner of delinquent activity.

Customer Retention

How the company is viewed through the eyes of the consumer demographic also becomes a significant by-product of surveillance installation. For the average customer who also wants to protect their wellness and peace of mind, the perceived safety and comfort provided by the watchful eyes of a security system is crucial to to an environment desired by customers and passers-by alike. This communicates to them that the business shares their interests and has the best in mind for customers visiting the establishment. As a result, customer retention may noticeably improve.


In your attempt to promote an upward trend in profit margins, and business development, some procedures’ automation is equally essential to efficiency. Not only are security cameras more reliable due to a lack of human error or the ability to become fatigued, but they are far more cost-effective. Implementing a real-time monitoring system means there would be no need to hire more personnel to perform the same task. While the initial cost to have the surveillance installed may be high, the returns on investment will be monumental in the long run, as adding more employees to payroll will be significantly more costly over time. There also exists the functionality of including a security alarm that blare unsettling sounds when enforcing active deterrence. In scenarios where the security system identifies a perceived threat, this will function equally effective in warding off predators.

When attempting to establish a healthy relationship with your clientele, we should also be wary of dishonest customer practices. Many businesses suffer at the hand of a disingenuous customer seeking to extort

the establishment by peddling claims to undesirable events occurring within the store. This may range from trying to convince staff they had previously purchased a luxurious item and would like to be reimbursed or falsifying claims to have been in the business place when they were not. Continuously recording footage of all the events within the establishment on any given day, grants business owners transparency of operations and presents unadulterated data. This evidence is often what separates you from suffering a severe loss at the hand of malevolent patrons seeking to swindle you out of what you’ve laboured so arduously to achieve.

Protects Employee Interests

Despite primarily being a manifestation of a security alarm, the presence of cameras on the interior of business also serves to drive productivity. With the feeling of being monitored closely under a magnifying glass, employees will be more likely to focus on minimizing mistakes and uphold proper organizational conduct. While it may be considered unsettling for some, it also doubles as a form of employee protection. Many corporations and companies come under fire for the prevalence of negligent action in the face of emerging sexual harassment lawsuits being made public. Since it is a moral and civil obligation to establish favorable working conditions for your employees, the surveillance system will function as a security alarm to business owners for potential offenders. Once identified in this space, the necessary disciplinary procedures can be enacted to sever any affiliation the perpetrator may have had with the business in an attempt to preserve the company’s image.

It will be crucial for many business owners to determine what measures best fit their company model for efficient security precautions. Some may opt to simply hire a guardsman to fulfill the role, while others may employ the use of surveillance systems outfitted with a security alarm for practicality. The key takeaway here is that the universal benefits afforded by a well-integrated surveillance system are numerous and essential to the proper function of your business. Hence, it is imperative to make it a central component among the tools selected to safeguard your personal interests. For more security alarm Miami advice, contact the experts at Circle Security today.