Smart Thermostats For The South Florida Climate

Your home security system helps keep you safe and now it can help you save money as well. A Smart Thermostat from can take the guesswork out of saving energy and be fully integrated into your current smart home security system.  Smart Thermostats For The South Florida Climate can be extremely convenient.

What is a Smart Thermostat? A Smart Thermostat uses information about what’s going on inside and outside your home to make informed decisions (without being told or from wherever you are through a smartphone app) about the temperature in your home resulting in the perfect balance of comfort and energy savings.’s Smart Thermostat is connected to every device and activity sensor in your smart home security system as well as powered by cloud intelligence. It knows more about your house than a traditional standalone thermostat and so understands how to save energy while keeping you comfortable. 


Here are 3 Ways an Smart Thermostat Can Work for You:

1: It LOOKS for ways to save Energy

Since the Smart Thermostat is always getting real-time updates from all around your house, it can capitalize on opportunities to save energy, even when no one’s home—based on your security system’s arming status. Additionally, it can utilize Geo-Services to save energy when you go to work and make sure your home is comfortable in time for your arrival. On hot days it can turn itself down slightly, and it can adjust to minimize waste if someone accidentally leaves a door or window open.

2: Precision Whole-House Comfort

Unlike traditional thermostats that are limited by a one-room view, the Smart Thermostat uses small, wireless temperature sensors to read the temperature in different rooms of your home. It can then use this knowledge to deliver custom and precise heating or cooling around your family’s schedule. For instance, you can enjoy a comfortable kitchen for preparing dinner, a cozy family room for retiring to after dinner, and a cool bedroom upstairs for sleeping.

3: Voice or Remote Control

You can connect an Amazon Echo or Google Home device to your system and ask to adjust to a certain temperature or to turn the temperature up or down a certain number of degrees in either direction. You can also use the Amazon Echo to activate customizable scene commands.


Ready to upgrade your HVAC system with a Smart(er) Thermostat? Contact Circle Security today to upgrade to an Smart Thermostat with temperature sensors.